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How To Dress For Courts

Posted in Legal Services

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Every place you go to, there is a certain dress code that you need to follow. In some places this dress code might not really be stated out loud but it is expected that you follow, and in other places, these are clearly specified. When it comes to courts, there is such a dress code that is expected from you to be followed. So here are some ideas to help you dress right for courts.

Keep it simple

Courts is a place where important matters are debated. It is not the place that are going on a date to or the place to party in. Therefore regardless of gender it is expected from anyone that makes family law Frankston, that their outfits are kept simple and not fancy and extravagant. When it comes to women’s outfits remember that these need to be modest too. So no showing skin too much with the skimpy spaghetti strap blouses or miniskirts. The ideal outfits to wear would be pant suits, blouses, long pencil skirts and may be even dresses too!

No short or tight

Another factor that you need to keep in mind when selecting your outfits for courts is to avoid anything that is too tight or short and revealing. If you are thinking that you could make your case work in your favor by wearing suggestive clothes to courts, you should know that it is only going to affect your entire case negatively. So unless you want to deliberately ruin things for yourself, hold back from the skimpy and tight!

Limit the accessories

Just like with the outfit, you should also keep the accessorizing to minimum. Courts is certainly not the place to show off your new diamond necklace from your sugar daddy to criminal solicitors or the ex-wife that you are fighting against. So hold back from wearing those flashy statement earrings and studded rings. On the other hand, if you are fighting for damages, you certainly don’t want to give the impression that you have a lot of money already (whether that is real or not) because it would certainly not work in your favor. So be smart!

Not too bright

Regardless of what you wear, you should make sure that nothing is too distracting about it. That means, no bright and bold colors. Keep it simple and somber. Though it might seem boring and dull to you, it would certainly help the judges take you more seriously. And this is exactly what you want when you are aiming at winning a case!
So take the above tips in to account and dress right for courts!