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Month: November 2018

The Different Types Of Lawyers Out There And How They Can Help You

Posted in Legal Services

Lawyers are very useful and most of us would need them at one point in our life, a lawyer can always help you through a legal situation or help you take a legal action against someone else. But there are just many lawyers out there that it can be confusing to decide as to which one you should be consulting. There are many fields within the field of law that many people don’t even know about, I can’t list them all because there’s just so many but here are a few that might be useful for you in the future.

1. Education law- As the name suggests, this area focuses on educational agencies. Your educational lawyer can represent you in cases where you need to take legal actions against your child’s school. The reasons could vary, your child could have been discriminated against by a teacher or was expelled unjustly or maybe you want to change one of your child’s school rule, your educational lawyer’s vast knowledge can help you to take the best course of action in this case.

2. Immigration law- These lawyers deal with the legal dilemmas and the policies related to immigrants. They can represent the government or a private law firm. If you’ve traveled to a country and are looking for ways to get a permanent residence, these are the lawyers you should be consulting. Immigration law focuses on refugee law, business immigration law and criminal and deportation defense.

3. Real estate law- These lawyers deal with legal disputes related to lands and properties. They focus on ownership of land and buildings and help to write contracts. They aid in writing rental agreements and help solve issues between tenants and landlords. They are known better as solicitors Frankston rather than real estate lawyers, but the former is more of a broader term as it can apply for businesses too.

4. Environment and natural resource law- As you probably guessed, this field is related to the regulations of natural resources. They usually work for government agencies and organizations whose goals are to protect and conserve the environment.

5. Animal law- These lawyers are involved in fighting for the rights of animals. They defend animal rights activist and fight against people who exploit animals. They usually work for private law firms or animal rights organizations.

I brought into light some of the important but lesser known fields so that it can help you consult the right type of lawyer when you have any issues. It can be quite difficult to find the right lawyer so to help you further, most law firms offer free one on one consultations with a lawyer.